How to Design a Logo

How to design a logo?

A logo is not just a symbol or a design adopted by a company or an organization, but an identity of the brand with which people can relate to. That is why it takes a lot of pain to design a logo by blending images, texts, and different shapes and alphabets to come up with a design that defines the purpose of the business. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to design a logo, then swim through the write-up.

Have a Story

A logo tells a story and so you need to come up with a statement which is not only reflecting your brand image but also associates with the story of your brand. The color, the shape and every letter written on your logo tell a story of your product.

For instance, the logo of the Starbucks with a twin-tailed mermaid, which was chosen because the name of the brand Starbuck comes from the chief mate on Pequod, a whaling ship in Moby-Dick. According to Greek mythology, the mermaid in the logo lured sailors, just like the founders of Starbucks Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl were luring coffee lovers all across the globe.

Choose the words that describe the brand

A logo needs words that depict your brand and so while picking the words it is considered wise to look for synonyms. This way you can connect your logo with the purpose of the brand effortlessly. For instance, in the logo of Coca Cola, where coca is for the cocaine as initially the drink was intended to be made as a patent medicine.

Choose font and color intelligently

In search of the answer to how to design a logo, many times you forget that designing also means selecting colors and fonts, as these two things are very important and speak a lot about a brand. For instance, the logo of Google has changed with time just by playing with colors and fonts. The misspelling of googol, Google logo was designed with an exclamation mark in 1998 just like Yahoo, but in 1999, Ruth Kedar removed the mark and only changed the color ( primary colors were chosen) and font of the letters.

Scalability must not be ignored

Nowadays logos are used on innumerable platforms and so you need to ensure that the one which you are designing is scalable and legible. You also need to ensure that it looks good on different platforms, such as social media pages, in print on t-shirts, mugs, on a website, billboard, etc.


By now, you must have understood how to design a logo. Still, if you have any confusion then get in touch with a professional logo design maker and get your company logo designed in an impressive way.