Beginners guide to Drawing

kids drawing

Drawing is a craft which needs persistence and discipline. You need to have a control on your hand and eyes in such a way that it allows you to draw things with perfection. As a novice in drawing you need to take a look at Beginners guide to Drawing. This will help you understand more about the art of drawing.

Holding your pencil

To some, this might not sound important but in reality, it is. In order to draw well, you need to learn how to hold a pencil in a comfortable way because there are times when you have to hold it for long hours. You must try to hold a pencil in which you are comfortable and when your hands start cramping shake it.

Start with circles and parallel lines

Any beginners guide to drawing will point out the fact that initially, you do not start sketching a subject. Firstly, you need to have control on your hand and once you are able to do this then start drawing circles and parallel lines as much as you can. Continue to draw circles both big and small. Same is true for diagonal and parallel lines. You need to keep drawing until you are able to draw lines straight and try to understand the motion of the wrist.

See and Draw

Drawing is all about hand and eye coordination. Therefore, you must see things and then draw it. Start with contours of your hand. You see your fingers every day and you know the lovely lines on them. It is time to see it properly and try to copy it as much as you can. This exercise will help you later on when you will start drawing an animal or a child. At that time you will have to draw those distinctive lines. So start your practice today itself.

Try to create interplay of light and darkness

This is not an easy thing to do but you can do it in a good way after some practice. You first need to study different subjects and how light falls on them. This way you will get an understanding of where to create shadows and where light in a drawing. To create darker areas in your drawing you can use cross-hatching technique and to modulate the shapes you can do curved hatching.


As of now, you must have got a fair idea about drawing. However, this beginners guide to drawing is just a starting you need to learn many other things eventually, such as how to make a 3D environment on a sheet of paper, how to shape your experience on a piece of paper through your drawings, etc.